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No one said writing was easy. They also didn’t say writing would make you a stronger person. But it does.

I showed up every day and eventually, the switch flipped.

Set Yourself a Doable Goal

I gave myself the goal of getting one of my characters to London by the end of the week. It gave me an outline to work from, a series of goalposts to pass. Knowing I had a tangible light at the end of the tunnel spurred me on simply by giving me something to aim for. I had three scenes to write to get them there (based on my outline) so I sat down and got to work.

I began to write a scene because I knew it would get me one step closer to my goal. I finished it and moved to the next scene. Step by slow step, the light became brighter and I found myself putting in a few thousand words a day. I got my character to London and realized: inspiration had found me again.

Write What You Can

When the switch flipped, words poured out of my fingers and I wanted to spend all my time writing. My gut instinct was to squeeze every last drop out of my brain, really milk the inspiration genie for all it was worth.

But instead, I let myself breath, I focused on my goal and consistently worked to get there. I didn’t abandon the rest of my life. I ate dinner, and chatted with my husband, and watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey. I went to work and saw a movie with friends and drank copious amounts of tea. And I wrote.

I wove the surplus of inspiration into my life, not taking it for granted but allowing it to make my life and my story better. I found ideas waiting for me so that when I returned to the page, I was greeted with the excitement of writing down something new. And that’s what has kept the switch on.

Writing from a standstill is hard work. There’s something to be said for consistency and showing up every single day. If these techniques don’t work, don’t lose heart. Show up at pay for paper your blank document every day, and even if you didn’t write anything, congratulate yourself. You put yourself in the way of inspiration and ideas will come to you when you show up again and again.

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