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It all started with the idea to bring natural single-serve tea pods to every home, with a twist... After receiving a Keurig machine (as a gift from his mother on Valentine's Day), Chris quickly discovered that single-serve tea selections were very limited. His engineering curiosity took over and he set out to create his own.

After finding prototype cups and lids online, he started experimenting with a variety of teas and sweeteners. Unsurprisingly, honey proved to be the best compliment. Through months of tedious testing and prototyping, Chris discovered that the unique physical properties of honey enabled it to be combined with tea in a single-serve cup.


After an overwhelming response from co-workers and friends, Chris decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to see if the world shared his interest and new-found passion for a better single-serve tea... And it did! True Honey Teas was born.


Four years later, after a realization that the single-serve tea community didn't serve all tea drinkers, True Honey Tea introduced the honey tea bag. Six months and another successful Kickstarter campaign made True Honey Tea Bags a reality. Every teabag has granular honey right in the bag! True Honey Teas is proud to serve all tea drinkers, whatever the delicious delivery method. 


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